Rickmansworth Sports Cars
Rickmansworth Sports Cars (Chorleywood)
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Rickmansworth Sports Cars
Oxhey Drive, Watford, Hertfordshire,
WD19 7SE
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Rickmansworth Sports Cars (Chorleywood)
Heronsgate Road, Chorleywood, Hertfordshire,
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About RSC (Rickmansworth Sports Cars)

Central Sport Cars (CSC) Established in 1967, by my father John O’Shea. Based in Kingsbury NW9. I worked with him until 1993 when he passed away and started again for myself.

Subsequently based in Harefield, CSC moved to Apsley in 1998. In 2004 development of Apsley loomed and so CSC had to move on.

Rickmansworth Sports Cars (RSC) started in 1968 based in Rickmansworth High. Street, until M&S built their food store in 1990. RSC then found a new home in South Oxhey.

In 2004 Tony Moore and Keith Allen, the founders of RSC retired and so CSC & RSC came to be one business at South Oxhey. Initially we kept both names above the door but as time went by it was clear that the site was known as RSC, in 2017 a CPO by TRDC. RSC builds a brand new state of the art facility in Oxhey Drive. 

And so here we are, nearly 50 years since John O’Shea ( & Tony and Keith) started repairing and selling cars. We hope that we can continue to provide a service with old fashioned values but modern standards for many years to come.

Justin O’Shea

Managing Director

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